A Night Time Adventure Like No Other!

Camp Schuster opened tours beginning September 29th, 2018.

Caution!  Do NOT show up on days other than the ones listed below.  The crew needs time to hide the bodies, disable the traps, and scare away the undesirables for your visit.  Camp Schuster makes no guarantee that the Forest will be 100% clear.  Chainsaws and guns can only do so much.

See you soon.

29th – Saturday

(Friday – Saturday)
5th – 6th
12th – 13th
19th -20th
25th (Thursday)
26th -27th


$18 / Friday Nights
$20 / Saturday Nights
$35 / Fast Pass

Tickets sold Online or at ticket booth
From Dark ’til 10 pm
(Haunting continues until all
ticket holders have experienced the terror)

Rules and FAQ

Please email or call ahead if your group is larger than 20 to receive the discounted rate & to determine best arrival time for your group.
Please note! The walk through Schuster’s Haunted Forest requires moderate physical exertion. The Haunted Forest is designed for ages 13 and up. It is NOT recommended for younger children or anyone faint of heart.