Rules for Schuster’s Haunted Forest

*All children 13 and under must be accompanied by an adult

*For safety reasons, flashlights, purses, and bags are NOT permitted

*Absolutely No Smoking

*Alcohol is Strictly Forbidden

*Recording equipment of any kind is not allowed

*Not recommended for pregnant women, individuals with a heart condition or seizure disorder (strobe lights, electrical shocks, spinning lights, loud buzzers, and many other implements to cause distortion of sight and sound are used)


Q: Is it scary?
A: We have designed our Haunted Forest to be both scary and interactive for teenagers and adult. Our daytime adventures and flashlight corn maze are fun for all ages.

Q: What is the recommended age?
A: The Haunted Forest is designed for ages 13 and up! It is up to parent discretion whether or not their child should encounter the Haunted Forest. We do not offer child discounts or refunds. Children cannot be carried at any time through the forest for yours and the child’s safety. Our flashlight corn maze is a wonderful activity for families with younger children.

Q: Is it dark?
A: The Haunted Forest is dimly lit with some areas of total darkness.

Q: Can I take pictures or video?
A: We have photo opportunities and interactions that can be filmed while waiting for the wagon to the Haunted Forest. Recording of any kind is not allowed on the wagons or in the Haunted Forest.

Q: How long does it take to get through?
A: The full Haunted Forest experience (from loading to return to the farm) is about 40-60 minutes. The waiting time varies greatly depending on the crowd and can not be estimated in advance.

Q: Will the spooks touch me? Can I touch them?
A: Haunted Forest spooks are not allowed to touch you nor are you to touch them. In darker areas, there may be an accidental brushing up or bumping into but our spooks will never grab you.

Q: Are discounts available?
A: Become a facebook fan of Schuster’s Haunted Forest to receive discounts. Discounts are based on the crowds. We often offer discounts through Facebook the first weekend in October. Our Friday night prices are less than Saturday night prices.

Q: Do you separate groups?
A: Our wagons transport groups of 50-100 people to the Haunted Forest. We allow 6-12 people to enter the walking portion of the forest at a time. Sometimes larger groups request to enter together which we do allow but don’t recommend.

Q: What is the best time to arrive?
A: Waits are always shortest if you arrive a little before or as close as possible to start time.

Q: Is the Haunted Forest open in inclement weather?
A: We post weather closures on our Facebook page, website and answering machine.

Q: How can I work there?
A: Check out our employment page on this website!

Q: What happens if I get too scared?
A: Our actors are trained to scare people and that is the ultimate purpose of the Haunted Forest. If you or someone with you get crazy scared or needs assistance for any reason while walking through the forest. Indicate to an actor that you need Help! The actor will then get in touch with our staff to assist you through and out of the Haunted Forest.

Q: Is the Haunted Forest wheelchair or crutch accessible?
A: We’re sorry the Haunted Forest is not wheelchair or crutch accessible. It literally runs through our forest along hillsides and through ravines.

Q: Does Schuster’s Haunted Forest have security?
A: Yes, we have uniformed and plain clothes security. We have zero tolerance for trouble makers and rule breakers. Such individuals are ejected without refund.

Q: Is there food available?
A: Our bakery is open until 10:00 pm. We offer great sweet treats and hot/cold drinks. Outside food and drink are not allowed.

Q: Do you give group discounts?
A: Yes, please contact us for discount rates for groups of 20 or more. Groups must have a reservation to receive a discount.

Q: May I come to Schuster’s Haunted Forest in costume?
A: We prefer that guests not come in costume as it is confusing to our guests who works/doesn’t work for the farm. Masks are NOT allowed.

Q: Can I carry a purse or bag?
A: For safety reasons and to decrease the loss of items, we do not allow purses, shoulder bags, flashlights, etc. Please leave any such articles at home or in your car or we will need to ask you to return it to your car before heading to the forest.

Q: Can I smoke at the farm?
A: Smoking is only allowed in the parking area. This is strictly enforced as it is an insurance company demand.

Q: What is a Fast Pass?
A: The fast pass allows you to move to the front of the loading line.

Q: Does the Haunted Forest change every year?
A: Yes!

Just an FYI – Cell phones are the most commonly lost item in the Haunted Forest. If you need to bring your phone with you on your frightening adventure, please be sure to tuck/zip it safely in your pocket. Remember, purses and bags are not allowed in the forest.